Stuffed Again.

So we've been trying to make stuffed peppers at least once every week -- there's just so many good reasons for us, including that they're fun and easy -- and we get to cook in the kitchen together! I found some beautiful organic peppers at Turnip Truck yesterday and was super excited, even though they were $5+ a pound. I decided to break out the Thrive Ground Beef to give it a shot. I was afraid that the beau was going to be skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised by his reaction. One look at the bowl and "Hey, that looks like meat cereal! I could eat that every night!" Ugh, you can tell he's the meat eater in this family. I was raised on venison growing up, so beef isn't really my first go-to meat for dinner. But it was great to please him -- AND not have to thaw, cook and drain all the grease out of some frozen meat. So I'm a true believer in this stuff.

What's one of your favorite go to dinners during the week?

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