Taco Soup.

So yesterday I did a food party and made this recipe for everyone that attended -- it was passed down to me by someone else and I had yet to try it. I got so busy yesterday that it slipped my mind again. So tonight I HAD to make it for the beau and I :)

Recipe: Thrive Taco Soup
1 cup Thrive Cooked Ground Beef (not pictured)
1 cup Thrive Instant Black Beans
1-3/4 cups Thrive Sweet Corn
1/4 cup Thrive Tomato Powder
1 packet of favorite Taco Seasoning
desired amount of Thrive Green Chili Peppers (optional)

Didn't have: 1 cup Thrive Sour Cream (ran out yesterday, BOO!)
2 cup Thrive Cheddar Cheese -- just used block cheese instead

Take all ingredients + 6 cups of water. Bring to boil for 5 minutes, then
reduce temperature to a simmer for 15 minutes or until desired thickness.
Garnish with cheese and favorite taco toppings. Added hot sauce to taste!

There were SO many things I liked about this meal. Taste and consistency were way up there. Plus I made it spicy the way we like it, so no complaints there. I was bummed I didn't have any sour cream left. I could've stirred some cheese in while cooking it to make it thicker, but I wanted to wait and see what would happen if I didn't have either on hand. The Instant Black Beans are EPIC! No more remembering to rinse beans overnight. I'm excited to have another quick protein source to add to my weekly arsenal of meals. And the Ground Beef was great because I didn't have to thaw, cook, drain and add in to the soup. I do want to try this with the some of the Thrive TVP (textured vegetable protein) since I'm trying really hard not to eat meat on the regular anymore. But I wanted to make the beau happy with tonight's dinner choice :) All in all, I give it a 8 out of 10. There are a few areas for improvement, but it was great and quick!

What's your favorite go to meals?

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