Breakfast of Champs!

So I've been pretty proud of myself over the last two days. Ok, more like two mornings. I've been juicing again! I just decided it was now or never and if I kept making excuses for myself, I'd never get around to doing it. Don't think people, just DO! Juice up! I feel it -- a 10 day juice fast -- it's coming soon guys! Whose in?

This one literally had some/all of what was in the fridge -- this made a HUGE
batch and I drank it through out the entire day. Orange. Lemons. Pears.
GS Apples. Carrots. Celery. Swiss Chard. Zucchini. Kiwis. Pineapple. and
something that's similar to Red Cabbage, can't remember the name.
2 GS Apples. 1 Orange. 1 Lemon. 6 Carrots. 1 Pear. And a handful of
Brussel Sprouts. I know that most people don't like to eat these, let alone
even think about juicing them, but they're surprisingly good. They give
the juice a little bit of a strong 'kick' in the flavor department and it's a
great way to get more green veggies in to your diet!

What are you guys juicing lately? Always looking for new recipes!!

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