Never Forgotten.

So some of you are probably wondering where I've been all week. 
A good friend of the beau's passed away abruptly and violently Saturday
evening -- we found out Sunday around lunch time. I can't say that I personally
knew Josh McLean well at all, I'd only had the pleasure of meeting him
once for just a brief moment in passing. What I do know though, is that he was 
an amazing human being that was young and vibrant, full of life and had a beautiful
smile that lit up those around him. Myself included. Friends and family say he 
had a great heart and loved everyone around him. He never met a stranger.
He was a friend to animals and was always picking up strays and 
finding them homes. He left behind a strong and beautiful wife.
And a family that has been hit hard by this loss. 
August 17, 1982 -- September 22, 2012
I took this week to really focus on what's important in life. If I've learned anything from
Josh, it's that you must life everyday as though it's your last -- take risks and enjoy
the adventures that are before us. Work hard. Love everyone around you.
Communicate daily with those that matter most to you and make sure they know
how important they are in your life. Enjoy your children. I know that he would've
made such an amazing father had he been given the chance.

Love your families this weekend guys. And be safe.

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