Review: Fearless Chocolate!

So I've been looking for some new 'healthier' chocolate options -- milk chocolate and white chocolate will always be my favorites, but I know that they aren't very good health wise. So that pretty much only leaves dark chocolate on the drawing board. While perusing thru Whole Foods the other day, I came across the 'sweet' aisle -- and decided to take a gander. I was completely overwhelmed by all the choices and wasn't sure what I should be looking for exactly. So my eye spotted 'exploding coconuts' and an elephant on the package, so the choice was obvious :)

The front of the package (and the back) indicates that a 'bite' of the chocolate bar is missing. I didn't realize till I got home and read the package...and then opened it, that it LITERALLY is missing a big bite :) The back says "Thank you for donating a bite of your chocolate bar to those who enrich our world with wild and wondrous creativity! FEARLESS donates 1% of it's annual profits to changemakers suggested by YOU! Check out what else it says: ChangeMakers.

So besides the cool logo and the charity benefits of buying it -- it has great ingredients, it's organic and it just tastes good! Check out their website in it's entirety. There are several different flavors to choose from and not only is there a 'store locator' button, but you can also order the bars online :) Win -win situation!

What's your favorite indulgence?

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