So everyone knows how important breakfast is, right? Well, I am the WORST at eating breakfast. I guess it's mostly for two reasons -- (1) I never have 'time' to eat breakfast and (2) I don't tend to like 'breakfast' type foods. I've decided that both of these excuses are invalid and I'm trying to reprogram my way of thinking. If you don't make 'time' for something, than yes, you won't have time for it. But everyone needs to make time for their health before it decides to take 'time' for us when we least expect it. And my problem of not liking breakfast type foods is because the foods that I don't care for aren't the ones I should be eating for breakfast anyways -- ie fast foods, etc. Here's some quick Instagram Inspiration from someone that I follow and just absolutely wish that I could have breakfast at their house every morning :) Then I'd definitely never skip another one again! @eathealthyworkhard

What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast choices?

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