Juicy Thursday!

I'm noticing a trend for Thursdays -- the last two weeks I've posted something about juicing! I guess my subconscious is preparing me for the guilty feeling I'm going to have after eating bad over the entire weekend. I don't know what's gotten into me lately. I did so good the month before my juice fast -- and then I did a 10 day fast and held onto the torch for a couple more weeks and then slowly started letting it all slip away. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gained any of the 15lbs back that I lost since changing my eating mindset, but I have noticed my energy level and my overall motivation starting to dwindle. It started with one meal a week and now has turned into several (and I mean several) meals, sometimes more than one a day. I went from cutting Starbucks completely out for a couple months, to having one four times last week! What happened? I guess I just fell off the juice (band)wagon. Monday is a new week though and I'll tell you what, I think I'm finally ready to hop back on. And I mean truly make an effort and prepare myself for another juice fast in the real near future. 

For all of you that are still doing good with your clean eating and juicing regimens, here's a little more 'Instagram Inspiration' and motivation to keep on track!


What's your favorite juice combination from this week?

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