Stuffed Once More.

So I've been noticing quite a trend on Instagram lately of people 'stuffing' food new kinds of foods, not just your everyday bell peppers. This has overwhelmed me with so much inspiration (and a growling stomach) that I don't even know where to start with my own creations?! Hoping to try out some new concoctions this week and I'll share how it goes in a future post! Enjoy and make sure you don't read this on an empty stomach.

@ansonsmommy -- portabello mushrooms stuffed with quinoa
and veggies.
@b_lynn3 -- stuffed oranges with maple sweet potato casserole.
@cgadventure -- rondini with quinoa + veggies.
@kevsblog -- rondini with black beans, carrots and more.
@lachilindrinatx5 -- portabello mushrooms stuffed with guacamole.
@my_way_to_fitness -- stuffed tomatoes with orzo, mozzarella cheese + herbs.
@nomyourself -- pumpkin stuffed with sweet potato mixture.
@nomyourself -- grilled pumpkin stuffed with garlic couscous + veggies.

@organicgardengirl3 -- heirloom tomatoes stuffed with guacamole.

I did warn you about the empty stomach right?

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