So I'm so incredibly mad at myself this week. I had fresh juice from my lovely juice provider for the weekend, but had a blonde moment on Tuesday and forgot to go grab some more. In all fairness though, it was ridiculously cold and windy on Tuesday, so maybe my body just went into hibernation mode. So all week, I've had no juice and no produce in the house to make anything myself. *sigh* Guess I'll just have to wait until Saturday and make sure I stock up. There's still time to get in on the 3-day cleanse that's going to be taking place either next week or the following. Let me know if you're in! Enjoy your 'Instagram Inspiration' for the week guys!

@corbinallred -- OMGosh look at those beautiful grapes guys!
+ carrots, spinach, pineapple, GS apple and kiwi
@itschincha -- apples, lemon and ginger -- good combination for colds
@lenaskitchen -- tons of green juice! Love the mason jars.
@oliviairene -- green juice is still by far everyone's favorite and the
ones with the most health benefits if you can stomach them.
@verawnica -- I love the glass, my mom is making some of these for all
the guest at our wedding this month! 

What fun combinations are you guys drinking this week? I'd love some pictures!

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