Review: Start!

Flavor is not like anything I've ever tried!
So if you ask anyone that knows me, they'll tell you that I like my food hot. All of it! From breakfast foods to pasta dinners and sushi - even some desserts and cocktails, the hotter the better for me. I've always liked ethnic food too because there are so many different levels and varieties of spiciness. My mom always tells me how much she craved spicy food when I was in the womb, so I think it maybe stems from that :) Either way, bringing or making me spicy food or hot sauce is the way to my heart! I was thrilled when I stumbled on Start! while doing some research on alternatives to the hot sauces I already use everyday. I love that it had a clean ingredient list unlike some other popular brands that are on the market that include shrimp/fish paste (knockoff Sirachas), high fructose corn syrup and modified food starch. In case you can't read the picture, here's the scoop -- Ingredients: water, vinegar, red pepper powder, curry powder (spices, red chilies  salt, turmeric, ginger powder, onion powder, garlic powder), salt, xanthan gum.  I also like that there's 0 sugar AND 0 calories, plus no oils, no MSG, no GMO's, all natural and it's certified vegan. And the sodium levels are much lower than my old faithful Habanero Tabasco that I use to live on.

Seriously ruined my night.
I was thrilled to be able to try this on quite a variety of things including a few pasta dishes, a middle eastern couscous dish I wiped up and about half a dozen wraps that I made. And then it happened. I was getting it out of the cupboard to mix in with my lentil soup recipe to give it a little kick and it slipped right out of my hands and bounced, not once, but three times across the floor before shattering everywhere. Yep, you heard me right -- major PARTY foul amongst fellow hot sauce lovers! I could've cried, my dinner just wasn't going to be as good without it. And if that wasn't bad enough, I was teased by the delicious aroma for several days until the kitchen aired out.

Luckily for me though, it only runs about $4 a bottle and you can buy single bottles on up to a case of 12 -- I definitely feel like this option was created for people just like me. So if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas, tell Santa where he can START! looking :)

What are some of your favorite dishes to use hot sauce in?

**Disclaimer: This box and all the items within were kindly sent to me to review by Start!. All products that are mentioned and reviewed on my blog are my own personal and honest opinions, or those of someone I've shared my goodies with. I am not being compensated additionally for my thoughts or posted reviews -- whether good, bad or indifferent. 

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