Straight Juicin'.

So I'm on Day 2 of my juice cleanse and I'm trying my darnedest not to hit that wall that everyone refers to on the second day. I actually have a lot more energy than I thought and I didn't wake up starving which was nice. I dropped two pounds in my sleep too :) That's never a bad thing. For those of you that live in Nashville and are interested in juicing with a partner, let me know -- I'd love to be a motivator and have someone be the same for me. I definitely want to start juicing again daily, but it's so hard to stay focused when life is so busy. In the meantime, here's some "Instagram Inspiration" for the day! Enjoy!

@chooselife_liveit_doit -- she also has a great blog!
@theveggieme -- the master of group cleanses up in Canada. 

Omgosh! I love all the colors! What color combinations are you guys juicing lately?

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