Juice On.

OMGosh guys! We're literally in the single digits for the wedding countdown -- I can't believe it's already here! Not like we gave ourselves a whole lot of time to plan and dwell in the first place, but it still flew by WAY too quickly! As if Thanksgiving and the wedding weren't enough to bite off in one weekend, our little one is going to be celebrating the big terrible 2! Even with all this going on in my life (and the holiday chaos that I'm sure you all are going thru as well) we need to buckle down and think about our health first and foremost. The worst thing we can do is let that slip and then have our bodies put us on hold while we mend. I hate being sick when I have a ton of stuff going on -- so juice on my friends! Enjoy this week's Instagram Inspiration!

@b_lynn2 -- one of  my favorite IGers!
@carmensage -- this has been a newbie for me.
@thisiswhatieat -- juice prep, what a beautiful sight!
What have you guys been juicing on lately?


  1. LOVE your blog!!!! Keep up the great work xoxo

  2. ^Brandi, thank you so much! I equally love yours! I would love to get a little graphic to put on my page so my readers can find yours as well. Let me know when you have something like that in the works!