EYC Friday: Purple Edition.

So today is Day 3 of my cleanse and I'm down another .9lbs. I'm seriously elated over this. When I'd gone thru my first juice fast many months ago, I lost a significant amount of weight in 10 days and since then have slowly been ticking off the pounds. I'd hit a wall though for several months and decided that I had to do something. After doing some research on animal protein, I decided to cut meat out of my diet and get my protein from other sources. What a huge difference this has made. Not only with maintaining my weight, but also with the 'bloat' that I feel every women struggles with daily. I've been meat free for quite a while now and can't say that I even miss it. There are so many great 'alternative' meat sources out there that I don't even notice a difference in the texture or the taste! With the juice fast though, I feel like it's gotten me over the plateau that I'd been on for a while. So I'm excited to see how this day ends. I won't lie though, I can't wait to eat something solid -- and I'm already thinking of what yummy veggies I'm going to steam up for myself tomorrow! I'm only human :) Here's your inspiration for the weekend -- make sure you guys are eating your rainbows weekly. It's so incredibly important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that isn't deficient in anything. Don't remember what purples are good for? Check out my original post here

What are some of your favorite purple fruits and veggies?

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