Salad Fever.

I'm starting to get salad fever now that the weather outside is getting nicer. I remember growing up my mom always had a fresh salad on the table for dinner every night, but unfortunately I haven't kept up with it as I've gotten older. She use to put sliced pickled beets on top -- my favorite! Hoping that once vacation is over, I'll get into a better habit of adding salads to my daily/weekly diet. Enjoy some Instagram Inspiration guys!

@almondsandavocados -- sweet potato + avocado!
@b_lynn3 (currently @mealsfullofcolor)
@bee_holiday -- peppers, apples and beans.
@divaeatslife -- mandarin oranges, peppers and tomatoes.
@freshncrunchy -- carrots, pom seeds and avocado.

What are some of your favorite spring/summer combinations?

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