I Believe in Nashville.

I've recently been 'enlightened' on what Kickstarter is and I'm a HUGE fan of paying it forward for small businesses to grow and reach their full potential. I recently came across the company DCXV Clothing last year during the East Nashville Tomato Festival. They've even got an actual store over in the Porter Road area next to Pomodoro East.

They started off wanting to unite Nashville under one 'shield' as they put it and now are wanting to bring together other communities. On the list for this go around -- Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, New Orleans, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco. 

This is a direct grab from their campaign: "WHY CREATE 'I BELIEVE IN US'? The funny thing about this Kickstarter is that it almost didn't happen. For us, I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE came from a deeply personal place, to try and better Nashville by seeing if we could unite and inspire people over their shared belief in the city itself. And because of that origin, we didn't feel we could do it for other cities. However, as it spread and we had people from all over the country ordering anything I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE we made, or visiting our shop from as far away as Australia, we kept hearing the same question: Have you thought about doing this in other cities? Specifically, "have you thought about doing this for my city". As it was explained to us by a Canadian fan of ours, I BELIEVE resonates with her because it makes her feel positive about her community and what she can offer to better it. And that was it for us. I BELIEVE IN US is an idea, and ideas are universal. Regardless of the pronoun, it can apply to anyone, to anywhere. So, if people from other cities feel there is a place for I BELIEVE IN US in their communities, then we are proud to be a part of that."

They have a whole slew of things gifts and incentives for those that decide to be backers for their cause. As of writing this, they're currently at 38 backers, $1509 of $10k raised and have another 16 days to go. For those of you that don't know how Kickstarter works, if the project doesn't raise the full amount, then they don't get funded. It's an all or nothing gig! So don't miss out. It's truly a rewarding feeling. Trust me!

Seen this mural around Nashville? This is their doing! Show some love!

So what do you believe in Nashville?

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