Cold Pressed?

I get asked about this one alot -- along with the question of whether or not blending and juicing are the same (they're not by the way, but I'll get to that another time). Most places that you can buy pre-made cleanses use the Cold Press method, like Juice.Nashville, Blueprint Cleanse and many other big names. Check out my "Need Juice?" tab to find someone local near you. Most home juicing or small time operations will use the centrifugal method since it's quick and easy -- think Whole Foods juice bar. Unfortunately though, the quality of cold pressed is MUCH better and more expensive, but you also get what you pay for. One of the best cold press juicers is the Norwalk brand and you can expect to shell out about $2500 for a brand new one -- look around though, I've found new/used/refurbished ones on Ebay and even Craigslist. There's also a third kind of juicer, known as a masticating one. The biggest brand for this kind is the Omega and even they can be pretty pricey. 

I'd personally say if you're just getting into juicing and you want a safe bet, check out the Breville Juice Fountain. I paid around $140 at Bed Bath and Beyond and then used a 20% coupon on top of it. Let's just say that it was some of the best money I could've spent as I started on my juicing journey. Now I've gotten spoiled though with the cold press over at Juice.Nashville and I'm starting to save my pennies (and dollars) for my very own Norwalk :)

What's your favorite kind of juicer?

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