Burger Up.

Today I had the opportunity to hang out in the 12th South area of town -- it's not often that I find myself over here without the kiddo! Lunch came up and a few choices got rattled off including Burger Up and I jumped at the opportunity! I've heard so much about this place. In fact I've even recommended it to other people to try out. So today, it was finally my turn and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. I just wish now I could find more excuses to come over this way so I could eat here :)

I tried to get the best menu shot that I could, but it's always a hard thing to accomplish -- click to see it a little bit bigger. I did want to point out a few things for those that are vegetarian/vegan, they did have a few great choices. They're chopped kale salad looked pretty amazing and I almost ordered it with the marathon quinoa burger on top + some avocado on the side, but I went ahead and went with just the burger and made it 'bunless' -- gotta avoid that wheat belly! They also have the option to add a side salad to any of the burgers that you get (instead of fries) or you could always sub the regular fries out for the sweet potato fries or steamed baby spinach which would be a bit healthier. Lucky for me I was full after lunch, but that dessert menu looks off the chain!

Marathon Quinoa Burger: 'bunless' with a side salad + avocado

What are some of your favorite 12th South spots?

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