Costco Finds!

Just wanted to show you guys a few quick finds from my Costco trip this week. Came across these Wild Chips that had Kale, Chia Seeds, Quinoa and I believe Flax in them. They actually weren't too bad on the taste buds. I also found these great little Baby Beets packages -- they came in 3 flavors per pack. I think these would be great on top of a salad or as a cold appetizer/snack. Costco didn't have much in the way of books this trip, but I did find two that were put out by the magazine, Prevention. Thumbed thru them real quick and they definitely had a lot of great information and the price was really great. Unfortunately, space is an issue at the moment, so I didn't pick these up!

Find anything fun at Costco or Sam's lately?

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