Smoothie Challenge.

So still playing catch up -- but thought you guys might like to know that I have been in the smoothie frame of mind for a couple weeks now. It's starting to dwindle a little more each week, but @simplegreensmoothies is getting ready to kick off another 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge and I am up for the task! How many of you would like to join me in the venture? Seriously, what's the worst that could happen? Even if you miss one or two days for whatever reason(s), you're still getting more green smoothies in a month then you currently are right? So let's do this!

So here's a few snap shots of some of my most recent smoothies that I've been concocting. I've been buying tons of 'add ins' on Amazon lately and have been playing around with different ingredients. There are a few things though that I'm hesitant about investing in until I know more about them -- not to mention that a lot of them are pretty expensive. But being unhealthy is just as expensive in the long run. Guess I should just suck it up huh?

I won't really hit hard on the ingredients for now as a few of these are getting ready to be reviewed -- including the Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest and a ton of stuff from Amazing Grass. I will tell you this though, I am going thru a TON of PB2 powder lately. I finally just bought some via Amazon and was completely stocked when it arrived. If you're a Prime member, it's completely worth checking out. There's are a few of my great buys recently!

So whose up for the Green Smoothie Challenge? Would love to get some feedback on your favorite recipes too! I usually just cheat and make mine 'green' because of my add-ins but I'd like to start putting actual kale/chard/greens into them as well :)

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